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Thursday, May 14th, 2009
5:23 pm
I know I don't update here anymore, but I felt compelled to let you know I'm in the US right now, and have been for the past three weeks or so. Will leave on the 19th.
Friday, March 20th, 2009
2:24 pm
Wow, I haven't posted here in forever, man.
Sunday, February 8th, 2009
12:43 am
I got a comment on my dA saying that my Ariel looked 'french'.....o__o
I replied asking how does somebody specifically looks french and we somehow ended up getting into a discussion about Corsica.
Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
12:12 am
FRAAAN!!!!! Happy belated birthday!!
I'm sorry, it slipped my mind!! We're closing a campaign this week and I completely forgot, but that's no excuse ><;;;
Let me know if you're free this week, I'll treat you to Starbucks, at least (or an ice cream! Whatever you want)
Monday, January 5th, 2009
9:33 pm
The things I do for my dear Britt.
Dear fordanglia:
You should probably know that yesterday I engaged in quite a riveting drinking game and I got PISSED DRUNK in your honor. I even said at one point, as I lifted my umpteenth vodka shot, I drink in your honor, Brittany Ford, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada! (actually, at that point it probably sounded more like Saskatchoowahgargargarh, canada)
Hear, hear, anyway.
I'm never drinking alcohol ever again.
It was the most terrible experience in my life, ever. I felt so bad, I puked my guts out right away and for the rest of the night, I couldn't walk, I couldn't see straight, I could barely talk, I had little to none control over my own movements...I think I even got groped, lolwhut. It was terrible. And the worst part, is that I wasn't drunk enough to forget. I was very conscious and lucid throughout, so basically I could realize how drunk I was, how ridiculous I was acting, how stupid I sounded, how I slurred all my speech, how stupid I felt for not being able to walk or move straight...I laughed and then I wantd to cry.
I feel so embarrassed and sorry for it. I seriously don't wanna drink ever again. We threw out all the alcohol we had.
It's a good thing vodka doesn't provoke hangovers. I felt somewhat good today, maybe a little lightheaded. I worked as usual, hit the mall afterwards, got me a piece of nutella cheesecake, a mango frappe drink at Starbucks and a Beach Boys double CD + DVD, just because it was there, I wasn't planning on buying anything lol.
My roommate gave me a Judas Priest CD (Rocka Rolla), as means of apologizing for making me drink so much (and I think he did grope me, lol)

In other news, besides from Generalisimo Francisco Franco still being dead, I went into IMDB today and holy shit!! How did I not know that Robert Downey Jr. is gonna be Sherlock Holmes?? OMG, too awesome. Two things I love, coming together.
(Also, am I the only one who still likes Chevy Chase...?)

OK, I gotta log off, I'm feeling lightheaded again...
Saturday, January 3rd, 2009
12:40 pm
I live with idiots.

Further explanations on this, coming tomorrow (maybe)
Friday, January 2nd, 2009
3:03 pm
First icon of 2009...
He's Chevy Chase, and you are not.
Thursday, January 1st, 2009
12:58 pm
On new year's day...
Today has been significantly non-productive. I'm saying that with a distinct tone of pride in my (mental)voice <--a hundred times less annoying and more durable than my real voice.

My biggest stint was getting into Wikipedia to research something about american comedy and in a few short hours, I've become once again most impressed by Wiki's interlinking system which I've appreciated in its fullest, when there's absolutely nothing to do around here.

I've been everywhere, man. Well, anywhere within the abstract confines of virtuality, that is.
Let's just say I started in the Saturday Night Live article and have ended (but it hasn't ended yet) on the Keebler food company. If you can actually tell how I got there, then you're the freakin' Ghandi of time-wasting through internet surfing, with a subtle hint of Loser and an even more subtle hint of abnormal freak (as in 'take the tinfoil hat off your head, you abnormal freak!!')
I will concede a connection somewhere between the Wiliam Morris agency and Famous Amos.
Not to mention a whole nother outer branch towards the Harvard Lampoon and Christopher Guest as a part of The Folksmen (as opposed to Spinal Tap); I'll also concede I'm left wondering how did I get from there to The Rutles and how I found myself upon the realization that not only now I know everything, but how everybody who's nobody can now know everything about anything and anybody, without any need of deepening. Anybody who's a nobody or a known body is naturally akin to shallow trivia. And those who aren't, will remain stumped by your uncanny ability to refer and connect everything to everybody, stumped enough to not notice your lack of depth, you abnormal freak.

Wow, I sound weird on new year's day...

Not to mention the fact that I keep a 'somewhat secret' fashion blog that is soooooooo completely different to the things I write here. I bet somebody (or a nobody) will come up with a psychologycal study about how having different venues to vent each and every different aspect of your 3-dimensional personality is 'totally awesome' for your mental health or something.
And if you can keep both (or more) venues in completely different and unrelated editorial lines (or 'tone') to the point of sounding like two different people of different background and IQs all together, then you're gold.
Saturday, December 27th, 2008
9:05 pm
I've finally seen the Blues Brothers. Now I get my dad more. Shit was great. Now I appreciate the SNL sketch a lot more and even that show at Universal Studios, lol (I understand why the car there looked like that too)
I wanna see if I can get the soundtrack now.
Friday, December 26th, 2008
7:08 pm
Christmas fallout
Well, I had a good one, I must say. I know some here had a rough time these days, I hope you're all doing OK or will be fine soon. My best to ya!!

Me, I had a good laidback week(end). I got picked up at work in Santiago on the 24th (I was pretty much the only one left there, as I had a ton of things to get ready before I left, cos I wasn't gonna go to work today, as I intended to stay in Vina all through the weekend), mom picked up my sister and then me, and then road trip! I ate a sandwich and drank some juice, cos we weren't gonna stop anywhere this time. The convo was nice and I was very hyper and freakin' at everything. I guess cos we were all in a fantastic mood. It's what I like about pre-holidays. After the day, it all goes blah, though.

A funny thing that happened: at some point I lost track of time and the universe, and I thought it was the 23rd and that I still had to wait a full day before christmas! Mom and my sister were quick to correct me (and laugh at my sense of reality or lack thereof) and told me it was the 24th. Double joy!!
So we came home, I unpacked a dress, changed clothes and then caught A Christmas Story, but didn't get to watch the whole of it, before the cocktail.
Then we dined and we laughed at our crazy kitty and how he liked terrorizing our old big cat and hunting for moths.
We didn't even notice when midnight came and started opening presents.
I gave dad Animal House and the Blues Brothers on DVD so the next day we watched AH, which I loved. Ah, the starter of all college humor (I think?)
Then I got dressed and we went to see the grandparents. My uncle, two aunts and some of my cousins were there, but it wasn't too lively like other years. Some key people were missing and everybody was to sleepy.
So my sister and I then took off to go see Reginald at his Bar (aptly named Manchester), where I met some of his and my sister's friends. At least two of them tried to hit on me (one was pretty forward, but I pretended I didn't understand and didn't give him the time of day. Sorry if I sound like an utter bitch, but this guy was very crass, and though fun in a conversation, he's not the type of guy I'd ever get involved with -I'm not a snob, I swear!! He just seemd like the type who would slip a roofie in your drink. Which is why I repeatedly turned down every single drink he offered)
I heard he likes 'em blonde. I guess I also project a very nubile, princessy image that throws some guys off. But ew, creepy. My sister was afraid when his friend Gonzo left the two of us alone at the bar. She later told me she almost freaked out at first, but then remembered how good I am at fending off guys...

We came back early, cos I supposedly had to work today. I charged up my cell phone to become available, and have checked my mail all day, but no dice. Not a peep from my boss, so I guess there weren't any emergencies or nobody went to work either, lol

Tomorrow we're going out for lunch at the country club and in the afternoon dad and I will watch the Blues Brothers. He's seen it a gajillion tmes, while I've never...
On sunday, we return to Santiago and then we'll have our own tiny christmas at the apartment, with a few more gifts and the watching of A Christmas Story, this time in its entirety.
And that'll be the last hurrah of christmas.
And then there's new year's, but I dislike celebrating that.
11:14 am
Obligatory christmas present entry!!
Here're my presents, displayed in a pictorial, as per usual (since last year).
click here for giftsCollapse )
Later on I dressed up and went to my grandparents' and even later still, my sister and I went to a friend's bar. Woohoo, party! I got hit on, repeatedly. Ew. It was funny, though.
But we came back early, cos I've gotta work today (even if it's from home ^^)
I know my boss is at a meeting now, but as soon as she gets to the office, she's gonna start grilling me with all the changes the cleints want. bah. But this still beats being in the office.
11:03 am
End of year memen ganked from Kell.Collapse )
Oh, and I touched a bat today. A dead bat. Actually, it was just the head. Upon realizing what the hell was I holding, I yelled and dropped it like it was boiling hot. A cat my mom takes care of, tends to bring her presents like those. bats, pidgeons, what have you. Ew, kitty, ew!!!!!
Sunday, December 21st, 2008
2:21 pm
...And my CD-drive is back, lolwhut. I just sorta moved the lapop from one room to another last night and suddenly it started reading the Sims DVD that was in it. My guess is that the reader was dealigned when I accidntally dropped the laptop on its right side, the other day (it fell from the bed to the floor, so it wasn't too terrible)
Oh well.
Saturday, December 20th, 2008
12:58 pm
Well, fuck.
It seems my CD drive is dead :(
And I fuckin' need it to do work....I wanna cry, man. I've no idea what happened, it was working fine a couple of weeks ago and now, nothing. The light starts blinking when I pop in a CD and it sorta starts reading, but then it dies. No light, no read. It's not anywhere. I went to the Device manager, and there's no CD-rom unit on the list (is there supposed to be one??)
I have no guarantee (I mean, I do, but it only works if I take it to the US. I'm in freakin' Chile. How the hell can I have it fixed??)
I can't afford another laptop and I can't afford to have it repaired, as I need to save up for my trip...
Please, if anybody here knows what could be wrong with it and how to fix it, I'd appreciate it.
Oh, I'm on a HP Pavillion dv2225nr on Windows Vista home premium, in case anybody here can help.
I've been looking at forums and searching, but it's like reading cantonese ><;;
Friday, December 19th, 2008
3:14 pm
So lately I've been listening to a lot of Sean Lennon and Julian lennon. And aside from the freaky likeness to their father, comparing both to each other seems inevitable at this point.
It so seems Julian has inherited John's old taste for melody over content. Sean, on the other hand, inherited his taste for exploration in music, and how to avoid being derivative.
I like both kids, actually and I keep a lot of Jules in my mp3 player. But Sean seems much more daring in sound than Julian, who's always been into more of a pop sound.
Of course, it's hard to compare, as both made their careers in very different eras, which probably explains much more what each of them sound like, than their musical inheritance itself ever could.

I know nobody really cares, but since I haven't posted in so long, I wanted to write about something that at least sounded relevant.
3:12 pm
The other day I left the agency at 3 AM. I'm still tired about it, lol. I need to get back on my (really) old imsomniac routine from when I was a student. I really can't stand staying up till so late working right now.
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
12:28 am
Ugh, it's late. But I've just got to share my mall story. I don't think I've ever had such a lousy trip to the mall. Man, I love the mall! But it was just a whole bunch of little annoyances that made it lousy.
I primarily went there t get new headphones as mine died. So I get there and I need some cash. I had some on me, but I needed more, to pay bills later and whatnot, because it's that time of the month in which I withdraw a large amount from my paycheck to pay for stuff. The mall's full of ATMs. Not one had money. I walked the whole place looking for a godamm ATM with lousy cash fuckin'on it and nothing. Eventually, I did find a 'forgotten' ATM that nobody ever thinks of and there was a small queue on it, so it obviously had the cheese. I got like 400$ from it, lol. I hope there was enough left for the rest of the line behind me, which was getting pretty long at that point.The rest of the story involves terrible clerks and alarms going offCollapse )
Monday, December 1st, 2008
11:53 am
Since there's ton-ass of work to do this week, here're some memes to make sure I'm completely wasting my time (also perusing j-fashion magazines recently downloaded here at work and reading Balthier/Penelo fanfic, cos OMG, best non-canon pairing evah and yes, I still read the ocassional fic, except I'm a lot more drastic in my choosings now)

Holiday meme and things you've done meme. both nicked from BrittCollapse )

Also, I got a ticket to go see Iron maiden on march next year. (with freakin' Bruce Dickinson!!!!)
Up the Irons!!
11:37 am
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Putting up your first own christmas tree at your own apartment on a sunday afternoon becomes a lot more fun when you keep telling your cat to 'stop trampling over baby Jesus!!'
Tuesday, November 18th, 2008
11:27 am
So I'm here at the office, right? And I get this mail from boss-lady (who's out on some meeting at the moment) asking me to design a simple HTML invite for this new exclusive urban club, devised for city planning and projecting or whatever (or how I see it, high-class twits drinking beer and pretending to solve the world's problems from a privileged, but unrealistic point of view)
She asked me to make it somewhat neutral, cos the club doesn't have a logo or other elements yet and the concept is barely defined at this stage. But she also asked me to give it a masonic look, but more modern (verbatim)
So...when she said masonic...I guess she means masonry, as in building from brick and stone, right? Construction, right? Or does she mean, zomg, this is really really really exclusive club or people gathering to make everything better!!!one11desu desu...? I say it's the former, but my coworker says it's the latter. She thinks boss-lady point blank referenced freemasons.
Oi, I dunno.
I guess I'll just mix and match and see what comes out.
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